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Lololala Official Store by Virtuose Paris – The FAQS.

Who is Lololala by Virtuose Paris 2017-05-04T18:13:18+00:00

Lololala by Virtuose Paris is a fresh new brand for elegant lingerie lovers.
We’re inspired by the beauty and elegance.
Paris, London, New York, Tokyo.

We bring elegant and cute inspired products in sexy landscapes.

But do not be mistaken; we are not just a fashion brand making beautiful products.
Above all, we focus on comfort with a touch of elegance.
No compromises.
Our lingerie, accessories, and swimsuits are made for you.
From relaxing on a cozy sofa at home to a wild night out with your girls, our designs are elegant in mind and made for action.
Our lingerie, fragrances, accessories and swisuits will brighten your lifestyle.

Lolo-lala.com website and brand (Lololala) have been the property of VIRTUOSE PARIS TRADING CO., LIMITED since 2017.

Where to find Lololala lingerie in store? 2017-05-04T18:09:12+00:00

You want to find Lololala lingerie in store?
We do focus on physical sales.
Online shopping is a wonderful solution for people who are not near shops that sell the great Lololala by Virtuose Paris lingerie and accessories. We bring elegant and cute inspired products in sexy landscapes.
We are growing and developing every day.
At the moment, we have a few shops in PARIS selling our brands and in TOKYO

Is your website secure for payment – Paypal and Stripe? 2017-05-04T18:03:03+00:00

No online shopping experience can be satisfactory without the necessary security for your personal data, such as your name and shipping address, and also for your payment information.

We offer the perfect solution for both.
For your data, we guarantee optimal security through the SSL website login certificate.
From anywhere at anytime, login to our website, and your input data will be secured by SSL (https protocol).
Did you notice the little green lock logo near the website address? It means that anything you type in will be safely stored and never resent.
As for payment security, we play the safe version here.
We use PAYPAL, INC. systems. and STRIPE payment solutions.
After all of their years in existence, PAYPAL and STRIPE has never failed customers’ safety. No data has ever been stolen from them, and all major companies are now partners with PAYPAL and STRIPE.
PAYPAL and STRIPE guarantees your safety when you type in all of your credit card information.
It’s also an optimized service that works smoothly on any device, wherever you are.

How can i track my orders? 2017-05-04T17:59:37+00:00

You want to know how to track my orders?
Please visit the page SHIPPING TIMES AND COSTS for all questions related to shipments and costs.
We kindly remind you that we offer the following two options:
1. Free worldwide delivery. It will take about 8 to 15 working days, depending on where the goods are being shipped to.
Lololala products are shipped from Hong Kong head office or our showroom in France.
2. DHL Express delivery. Delivered within 2 days for most of the major cities, but you should allow for at least 3 days, as parcels may sometimes be held for customs’ checking.
We kindly remind you that lolo-lala.com cannot be held responsible for any local taxes added by the local customs. Such taxes, which are related to the import of your product, have to be paid by the receiver.

Can i return my purchase? 2017-05-04T17:56:01+00:00

It’s not the right fit, and you want to return the goods?
There is absolutely no problem returning your purchase.
At Lololala Official Store by Virtuose Paris, customer satisfaction is our main concern.
Please send an email to our CUSTOMER SERVICE with the subject title “ORDER REF (your purchase ref number) + RETURN”.
We’ll handle it within a week and contact you to proceed with an exchange.
Be informed that we will only accept you return purchases that hadn’t been worn. As this is lingerie, the products must remain 100% clean. If the size is not ok and the product is fitted, we will only accept lingerie to be returned if you tried it with under pants on.

Have you tested your Lololala products? 2017-05-04T18:00:34+00:00

At Lololala by Virtuose Paris, we are proud of our Lololala products.
We require the best in term of materials, accessories, and production.
We use the best because we are also wearers of Lololala by Virtuose Paris products.
We test the usage of each product for nearly two months in regular conditions.
We also test all materials for resistance to the following:
– Washing: To make sure that the color won’t fade away and the shrinkage is kept under 5%.
– Comfort: we wear our products to ensure their unique comfort. Be elegant, cute and sensual without comprises.
– Fitting: every products are prior to the manufacturing, tested with 2 different girls to ensure the fitting remains excellent in all our sizes.
– All our products use certified nickel-free metal accessories.
– All our products are azo-dye free to respect your skin and to prevent allergic reactions.
– Burning test for Candles.
– Allergy test for all fragrances
– Absorption and ISO validation for all textiles, towels and swimsuits.