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Lololala by Virtuose Paris – Fitting Advices

How to find the right bra’s size for you?
Other sizes could be suitable for me?
How do i know i’m wearing the right bra?

At LoloLala Official Store (Lolo Lala french lingerie brand) we are proud of our products. We want our clients all over the world to feel Elegant, Sensual and Cute with our lingerie.

The right fit is the key. In your journey, you’ll bring a very positive image of our french lingerie products if the comfort is right for you.

Of course, each women is unique. Waists, breasts and shoulders are all a different and lingerie is on the front line when it comes to comfort and support. At Lolo Lala, we know it and we hope our fitting advices page will guide you successfully to choose the right fit for you.

You already purchased a product and the size isn’t right for you ? Consult our returns and refunds page for more details.

How to find the right bra’s size for you?

When you select a bra’s size, there’s three basics points to consider.
First, your underbust measurement. It is measured by checking under your breasts front and back your body length.
Secondly, your bust measurement. It is measured by checking on your breasts at the bigger point front and back your body length.
Thirdly, the style of the bra. If you are looking to get two more up sizes in term of look, a push up bra won’t bring the same result as a triangle bra. Logical but important when you choose.
In the provided information here, we will try to give you general fitting advices but keep in mind that it will vary depending of the design.

In our experience, a triangle bra must be chosen smaller than your real size. It will enhance the look and remain comfortable. On the other hand, a push up bra shall be purchase at exactly your right size.

Method to check your body measurement

  1. straight-up position and breath slowly. There’s no tension.
  2. Use a soft measurement tape.
  3. Try to use help from your partner or a friend
fitting advices lololala french lingerie

Start to mesure your body lenght under your breasts.
It’s important that the measurement is taken right under your breats, not on the them. Do it thigh and still comfortable like a bra would be. Make sure you can correctly breathe.
Read the measurement shown on the soft tape and mark it down.

Now we will show you how to measure your bust.
This measurement must be taken on the larger part of your breasts. Keep using the soft measurement tape but this time, make sure you do not compress the breasts.
Make sure the tape is on the same horizontal level on your front and back.
Now you can read the measurement.

You’re done! You must have now with you two indications. Use them to report it on the below table and you’ll know your ideal Lolo Lala Lingerie bra size.

For example: if your underbust size is 75cm and your bust size is 90cm, it seems that your ideal size is 90B (french), 75B (EU/JAPAN) or 34B (UK/USA).


Other sizes could be suitable for me?

You found the right size for you ? Perfect. You now know your standard size for bras.
We would like now to add up some more information that may be relevant in your case, depending how you love to wear your bra.

General information – Other sizes
Some sizes are actually very similar but with specific details that can help you to become more sensual.
If you size for example is 90B (french), 75B (euro, japan) or 34B (usa, uk) then you will be surprise that the 85C will be also a perfect match for you.
This is what we call a diagonal size. The 90B (french size) and 85C (french size) are actually sharing exactly the same cup size, wire and neckline. The difference will be in the underbust size.
As a result, if you are a 90B french size and you buy the 85C, it will be fine for you but you must consider the underbust will be tighter. It can be a viable option if you want more support or naturally boost up your curve with a volume effect: having a shorter underbust will automatically make a push-up effect.
100% improvement of the look (more volume, sensual) with a tighter underbust band.
Remember that if comfort is the key point for you, you must go for your standard size only, 90B her in this example.

To illustrate more – more volume with a tighter underbust:
90B -> 85C will work
90C -> 85D will work
95B -> 90C will work
95C -> 90D will work

Keep your standard size for a full comfortable bra.

General information – Bralettes and Triangle bras without wires
With our experience in manufacturing, working for famous brand and now crafting beautiful french lingerie with LoloLala, we believe that Bralettes and Triangle bras without wires are a specific case.
We usually grade them in XS, S, M, L. As there is no wires, we do not use cup gradation A, B, C, D, E.
You can select the size as you’ll do for a chemise or t-shirt. Then the question will be how to you love to wear your chemise?
If you are a M size fit but you like thigh clothes, then go for the S for example. It will perfect and still comfortable.

General information – Panties, shorties, tangas, thongs and all bottoms
Lolo Lala panties, shorties, tangas, thongs and other bottoms is standard with usual FRENCH BRAND.
34 -> XS
36 -> S
38 -> M
40 -> L
42 -> XL
We are always using comfortable elastic for waist band and opening leg. So if you are in between two sizes, we recommend you to take smaller size.
If your french size (europe too) is between M and L, go for the M size.
The stretching will be enough and you’ll be more sensual.