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Payment and security on Lololala Official Lingerie Store by Virtuose Paris ( Lolo Lala registered brand)

Payment security

Our web payment partners are PAYPAL, INC. and STRIPE GATEWAY.
As web payment leaders, PayPal and Stripe offer a lot of advantages in terms of security, along with very simple payment processes. Mobile friendly, PayPal and Stripe, like our website, are users friendly and allow you to complete your purchases through different devises (PC, laptop, Android, iOs, etc.).
Customer-oriented, PayPal and Stripe will always protect your interests.
On our website Lololala ( Lolo Lala ) By Virtuose Paris, PayPal and Stripe allow you to pay with more than 50 different worldwide credit cards or simply with your email, if you are an existing customer.

Website security and are using SSL-CERTIFICATE for all navigation.
All data that is entered during your navigation is securely stored under a safety protocol provided by our host (
All personal data, such as names, addresses, phones numbers, login, and password are safely kept under the SSL protocol protection.
This is the highest level of security available on the Internet.

Simplicity works with elegant and cute Lingerie on LOLO LALA OFFICIAL LINGERIE STORE BY VIRTUOSE PARIS.


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